Britthany Smith: An Unforgettable Date


A year ago I had a conversation on a social network with a boy, it was a very hot conversation, I always had the conversation with that boy, and sometimes we had hot video calls where he told me that the day would come that he would have me in person and he would fuck me very rich. Then 2 months passed and the boy contacted me again and told me that he had arrived in my city, that we could meet in a public place (Obviously, it was the first time we had seen each other and I had a little distrust despite our conversations), he sent me the address of the place and I arrived where he was, I saw him for the first time and said that he was the ideal person for me, I instantly felt a great connection with him.After a long talk we went to a restaurant to eat and it was a little late because night had already fallen, while I was talking to this guy he suddenly stole a kiss from me and told me that his cock had become hard as a rock with the kiss he stole from me (I turned a little red and hot at the same time).At that moment I warmed up and told him that we should go to my apartment, leaving the restaurant we walked until we could catch a taxi to take us to my apartment, he saw that there was a dark place and told me that we should go to that place for a moment, The boy began to rub his cock and I noticed that his cock was very hard and I really wanted to suck his cock, so I knelt down and told him to put his cock in my mouth, I started to suck his big 18cm cock then he told me Get into doggy style and I want to lick your hole (Mmmm it felt so delicious every time I felt him pass his tongue), then he introduced his cock into my ass and after a moment of penetrating me his cock exploded and filled my entire hole with semen.Finally we arrived at my apartment and he wanted to suck my cock, he now wanted to feed on my hot cum and we warmed up again and I put him in doggy style and fucked his ass for more than an hour, he couldn’t stand the pain but I was very close to cum,I want it in my mouth – the boy tells me and he takes out my cock and puts it in his mouth, at that moment I came and wow, it was one of the best sensations I have had in my life.As the days passed, the boy returned to his country again and contacted me again through the social network and told me that he had had a great time during the time he stayed in my country, that he would return to my country in a couple of months. city and we would see each other again to be able to repeat that unforgettable day for both of us.If you want to know what happened next with that boy, come to my living room and I will be happy to tell you…

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