Carolina Velezz: Work Meeting


I was in the middle of a meeting with one of my most important clients when I noticed that WhatsApp was making my phone vibrate. I was sure it was Raul."This afternoon at the hotel"Oh. The afternoon was busy. I think everyone at the meeting table noticed my smile; I am very transparent. I had been dating Raul for four months, and every date we had became more interesting. I tried to concentrate on the meeting. One of my client’s engineers was complaining that our latest software version wasn’t very stable. I looked at our technical director and he told me with his eyes to leave it in his hands. The phone vibrated again."You will find instructions on the bed"Instructions? A hot flush rose from my feet to my crotch and then to my cheeks. I noticed how he made me blush. Were the others looking askance at me from their chairs or was it just my imagination? Our technical director was giving explanations about the quality of the software. I tried to concentrate on the matter, but I couldn’t.

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